Quantz Gesellschaft Scheden

Official site of the Quantz Gesellschaft in Scheden (Germany). Great German site with information about the society, the Quantz exhibition, Quantz flute concertos in the St. Markuschurch, music and pictures and much more.


Homepage of Mary Oleskiewicz

Site of the professional flutist and musicologist Mary Oleskiewicz. Personal site of Mary Oleskiewisz with news, reviews, biography, discography, publications and photos. Mary Oleskiewicz is a specialist in Baroque music. She is a highly regarded teacher of historical and modern woodwind instruments, and one of the leading scholars of her generation on the music of J.S. Bach and his contemporaries, and certainly also of Quantz.


International Inventory of Musical Sources (RISM)

Vast collection of musical sources. Free search among 700,000 entries that contain mostly historical music manuscripts(the majority originated before 1800). Information about many Quantz manuscripts.


Staatliches Institut für Musikforschung Preußischer Kulturbesitz

A musicological research organization with far-reaching activities.


Stiftung Preußische Schlösser und Gärten Berlin-Brandenburg

Beautiful site about Prussian palaces and gardens in Berlin-Brandenburg. Information about Potsdam, Sans-Souci, Scharlottenburg and so on.


Atlas of musical history

Unique collection of maps completely dedicated to everything related to classical composers and their music. Quantz-locations presented on maps.


Flute History

This site contains information and resources for learning about the transverse flute and flute-playing in Western Europe and America over the past 800 years. It includes information about Quantz: biography, flutes and portraits…


Petrucci Library (IMSLP)

Site with downloadable compositions of Johann Joachim Quantz (duets, concertos, trio sonatas) and his “Versuch einer Anweisung die Flöte traversiere zu spielen”.


Versuch einer Anweisung die Flöte traversiere zu spielen (Quantz, Johann Joachim)

Original German version and French and English translations of “Versuch einer Anweisung die Flöte traversiere zu spielen” (downloadable)


Anekdoten von Friedrich dem Großen

Anekdoten von Friedrich II” (1788-1792) published by Christoph Friedrich Nicolai (1733 – 1811). See “Die unreine Flöte”, “Quantzens Husten”, “Der überraschte Flötenspieler” and “Flauto Solo”.


German woodwind journal Tibia

See the German woodwind journal Tibia – Magazin für Freunde alter und neuer Bläsermusik. “Tibia – Die frühen Hefte”. Free downloadable journals with a number of articles about Johann Joachim Quantz.


American Musicological Society (AMS)

The American Musicological Society was founded in 1934 to advance research in the various fields of music as a branch of learning and scholarship. Quantz and His Versuch: Three Studies by Edward R. Reilly (1971). View it online.


Dayton C. Miller Collection of Wind Instruments

Musical Instruments at the Library of Congress Washington: The Miller collection contains nearly 1,700 flutes and other wind instruments, statuary, iconography, books, music, trade catalogs, tutors, patents, and other materials mostly related to the flute.


Schrank II

Homepage of the project “Die Instrumentalmusik der Dresdner Hofkapelle zur Zeit der sächsisch-polnischen Union. Erschließung, Digitalisierung und Internetpräsentation” of the Sächsischen Landesbibliothek – Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Dresden. Listing of compositions by Johann Joachim Quantz that belonged to the music of the Dresdner Hofkapelle.


Rick Wilson’s Historical Flutes Page

This web site presents photos of, descriptions of, and information about historical European and American flutes from the renaissance to the 20th century. There is information about the two keyed Quantz flute with pictures of a copy of a Quantz flute by Folkers & Powell.


Sächsische Landesbibliothek – Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Dresden

The Digital collections of the SLUB, including the image database of the Deutsche Fotothek. Free PDF downloads of Quantz concertos and sonatas.


Quantz, Johann Joachim: Autobiography (1754)

Downloadable: the original version of Quantz”s autbiography in Friedrich Wilhelm Marpurg: Historisch-Kritische Beyträge zur Aufnahme der Musik. Bd.I. Berlin 1754 (p. 197 – 250).


Zeitschrift für Instrumentenbau

Articles about “flute builder” Johann Joachim Quantz of George Müller and of Dr. J. Zimmerman.